Granada Theater – Dallas, TX

The Big D stood for dancing in Texas on Friday night. With a few seats off to the side and an open floor that filled quickly, this exuberant crowd welcomed Taxi for their opening set.

Todd began the show with a solo Age Like Wine as the Taxi followed in behind for Sideshow Blues and D.B. Cooper, before the 18 Minutes Intro. This was a very fun setlist and after Good New Blues, Ballad Of Cape Henry and some Jerry Jeff tunes, Todd lead the band into a full version of Long Haired Country Boy during Moondawg’s Tavern.

  • 21 tracks, fits on 2 CDs
  • 1 set plus 1 encore
  • All songs with Great American Taxi


Disc One

  1. Age Like Wine
  2. Sideshow Blues
  3. D.B. Cooper
  4. [Intro]
  5. Ballad Of The Kingsmen
  6. America’s Favorite Pastime
  7. Good News Blues
  8. Looking For A Job
  9. Ballad Of Cape Henry
  10. Takin It As It Comes
  11. Sangria Wine

Disc Two

  1. [45 Miles Story]
  2. 45 Miles
  3. Moondawg’s Tavern>
  4. Long Haired Country Boy> Moodawg’s Tavern
  5. [Good times with Vince]
  6. Good Night To Boogie
  7. Play A Train Song
  8. Conservative Christian…
  9. Encore:

  10. Runaround Sue
  11. Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern

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  2. This was a GREAT show!!!! I have seen him before (same place) and Taxi was on point also!! We Love you Todd!!! Hella good download~ buy one!!!!! 🙂

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