Capitol Theatre – York, PA

Jason D. Williams kicked off the Friday night show with a rockin opening set, before The Storyteller made his first appearance in York to a very enthusiastic crowd.

A set packed with classic Snider tunes also included several stories, a couple sing alongs, and rarely played Iron Mike and Statistician’s Blues. The good times continued into the encore with Elvis singing Don’t Be Cruel, before Can’t Complain and Enjoy Yourself closed out the night.

  • 23 tracks, fits on 2 CDs
  • 1 set plus 1 encore


Disc One

  1. Greencastle Blues
  2. Is This Thing Working?
  3. [18 Minutes Intro]
  4. Tension
  5. [45 Miles Story]
  6. 45 Miles
  7. Just Like Old Times
  8. Looking For A Job
  9. [Drive-Thru Story]
  10. Stuck On The Corner
  11. Play A Train Song

Disc Two

  1. D.B. Cooper
  2. Iron Mike’s Main Man’s Last Request
  3. Statistician’s Blues
  4. Beer Run
  5. [Bill Elliott Story]
  6. Easy Money
  7. Runaround Sue
  8. Stoney
  9. Conservative Christian…
  10. Encore:

  11. Don’t Be Cruel w/ Elvis Hicks
  12. Can’t Complain
  13. Enjoy Yourself

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  2. Great show! Great download!

  3. This was my first Todd Snider show and my first trip to the Strand Capital in York. What a beautiful room and a great show. I always hope that a special moment will happen when I go to show and it definitely happened to me this night. I’ve been learning to play Todd songs for a couple of years now and thank goodness.

    When the time came, I was the guy who knew the first line to the 3rd verse of Statisticians Blues. I’m guessing this kind of thing happens to Todd occasionally and boy can I relate to standing on stage and being in the middle of a song you suddenly can’t remember. I have the audience recording my brother-in-law made sitting next to me as well as this soundboard to preserve this very special memory for me. (Listening to it now in fact!)

    Thanks Todd and we’ll see you again soon!

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