Whispering Beard Folk Fest – Friendship, IN

A very enthusiastic crowd, along with several impressive beards welcomed Todd to the 3rd annual Whispering Beard Folk Festival.

Can’t Complain and D.B. Cooper opened the show, before Ballad Of The Kingsmen made an early appearance. After a great Horshoe Lake, Todd opened the floor to requests that included Keep Off The Grass, Tillamook County Jail and Statistician’s Blues. This set also included Loney Girl, Stoney and a double sing along encore of Beer Run into Runaround Sue.

  • 22 tracks, fits on 2 CDs
  • 1 set plus 1 encore


Disc One

  1. Can’t Complain
  2. D.B. Cooper
  3. [18 Minutes Intro]
  4. Ballad Of The Kingsmen
  5. [45 Miles Story]
  6. 45 Miles
  7. Just Like Old Times
  8. Horseshoe Lake
  9. Keep Off The Grass
  10. Easy Money
  11. Statistician’s Blues
  12. Tillamook County Jail
  13. Stuck On The Corner
  14. Alright Guy

Disc Two

  1. Play A Train Song
  2. Loney Girl
  3. Sideshow Blues
  4. Stoney
  5. Conservative Christian…
  6. Enjoy Yourself
  7. Encore:

  8. Beer Run
  9. Runaround Sue

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  2. MP3 only? I am very disappointed. Why not offer flac?

    • Hey Mike,
      Hate to disappoint you or anyone, but the FLAC option is not available at the moment. Once the FLAC file set is finished uploading to our server it will be available, and we will be happy to send you an email to let you know.


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