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Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ

One Set: Conservative Christian…, If Tomorrow Never Comes, [18 Minutes Intro], In The Beginning, [Seven Eleven], Happy New Year, [Fortune Teller Story], Too Soon To Tell, [Protest Song], Greencastle Blues….

Beer Run>, Age Like Wine> Beer Run, [Skip Litz Story], Play A Train Song, D.B. Cooper, Alright Guy, [The Full Jerry Jeff Story], Mr. Bojangles, Statistician’s Blues, Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern, Encore: To Beat The Devil….
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Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN

Set One: If Tomorrow Never Comes, D.B. Cooper*, [Thank You Amanda and Jason], Conservative Christian…, Play A Train Song, Sideshow Blues, Alright Guy, [The Full Jerry Jeff Walker Story], Mr. Bojangles, Can’t Complain….

Set Two: Easy Money, [The Nervous Wrecks], Horseshoe Lake, Beer Run, [Mugged], Greencastle Blues, Too Soon To Tell, Stuck On The Corner, Good News Blues, Tension, East Nashville Skyline, Doublewide Blues, We Were Kinda Crazy Then, L.A. Freeway, Come From The Heart….
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Stuart’s Opera House – Nelsonville, OH

Set One: Good Fortune*, Greencastle Blues*, If Tomorrow Never Comes, [Fortune Teller Story], Too Soon To Tell, [An Old Friend], Waco Moon, [That Guy Over There], Big Finish, Tension, Is This Thing Working^……

Set Two: East Nashville Skyline, Statistician’s Blues, All My Life, Happy To Be Here, Doublewide Blues, Beer Run, Play A Train Song, Just Like Old Times, [Songs About Singers], Lonely Girl*, Barefoot Champagne*….
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Buster’s – Lexington, KY

Set One: If Tomorrow Never Comes, Is This Thing Working?, [18 Minutes Intro], Too Soon To Tell, Good Fortune, Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern, [The Pirate Story], Stuck On the Corner, D.B. Cooper, Beer Run>….

Set Two: Can’t Complain, Alright Guy, Statistician’s Blues, Play A Train Song, Tillamook County Jail, The Devil You Know*, Doublewide Blues, Betty Was Black, Willie Was White, Conserative Christian., What’s Wrong With You….
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The Canopy Club – Urbana, IL

As the “2013 Without Shoes Fall Tour” kicked off, it made a special stop on Todd’s Birthday in Urbana, IL at the Canopy Club. There was definitely magic in the air from the moment doors opened.

The two set format lead to an extended night of instrument changes, classic tunes, along with too many requests to list. Following both sets, Todd returned to the stage for an eleven song encore packed full of cover tunes. Due to the length of this show, it will not fit on two CDs and we started the third one at the encore break. Enjoy!

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Woodland Park Zoo- Seattle, WA

Seattle’s fantastic Woodland Park Zoo welcomed Todd’s traveling What the Folk Festival with welcome arms, as an amazing evening was had by everyone. Many thanks to Sarah Jarosz, Hayes Carll and Shawn Mullins for being a part of a great evening of music.

Todd opened with the local classic D.B. Cooper, which lead into a very fitting version of Tension> The Times They Are A-changing. Several other local stories and tunes closed out the set, as the band returned to the sage and left it all out for an unforgettable version’s of Hey Hey, My My.
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Oregon Zoo- Portland, OR

The Traveling folk Festival made it way to Todd’s hometown Portland, many special guests included Shawn Mullins, Hayes Carll and Sarah Jarsoz.

Todd opened with the local classic D.B. Cooper, and played a set full of fan and local favorites. Following the epic local story of coach Bower, the night ends with an electric version of Hey hey My My.
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Levitt Shell – Memphis, TN

The traveling What The Folk Festival featured opening sets from Amanda Shires, Amy LaVere and Jeff Austin, as Todd took the stage with Amanda on fiddle and Paul Griffith on drums.

The set kicked off with Devils’ Backbone Tavern, Can’t Complain and Alright Guy, before Statistician’s Blues. The electric guitar made an appearance for Good News Blues and several other tunes, as the night came to a close with Moondawg’s Tavern, Walkin The Dog, and Will The Circle Be Unbroken. By popular demand, Todd and the band returned to the stage for a two song encore.
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The Bluebird – Bloomington, IN

Friday was another magical night at The Bluebird in Bloomington, as Paul Griffith joined Todd on drums and percussion throughout this two set performance.

Todd opened, and closed with If Tomorrow Never Comes. Too Soon To Tell, Greencastle Blues, Just Like Old Times and Tension followed, as the set closed with Good Fortune. Todd returned to the stage with the electric guitar for several tunes including Stuck On The Corner, Looking For a Job and New York Banker. The second set finished on acoustic guitar, as the night came to a rocking close with a Good New Blues and Big Finish encore.
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Higher Ground – Burlington, VT

Spring Tour made a trip to the north country for an unforgettable night, at the historic Higher Ground. Tension, Can’t Complain and Is Thing Working opened the show, and were followed by the Aaron Allen story, Greencastle Blues and In The Beginning.

Todd returned to the stage with Beer Run> Age Like Wine and told almost as many stories, as he played requests. Looking For A Job, Mr. Bojangles and Sideshow Blues closed out the set, while the encore featured Incarcerated and Good Fortune.
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Port City Music Hall – Portland, ME

Hard to tell it was Sunday night in Portland, as this high energy show opened with Ballad Of The Kingsmen, Is This Thing Working and Too Soon To Tell. The first set came to a close with Tension, Looking For A Job and Louie Louie.

The second set was full of requests, as Todd returned to the stage with Easy Money, D.B. Cooper and Keep Off The Grass. The night closed with a Louie Louie reprise in the middle of Enjoy Yourself, before a three song encore.
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Tralf Music Hall – Buffalo, NY

It was a great evening at the Tralf Music Hall, as the first set was full of rarely played tunes including Broke, Digger Dave’s Crazy Woman Blues and Waco Moon.

The second set kicked off with Ballad Of The Kingsmen, Greencastle Blues and New York Banker. An attempt was made to grant everyone’s requests before a Jerry Garcia cover, Statistician’s Blues and Is This Thing Working. Todd returned to the stage for an encore with Elvis, Can’t Complain and Crooked Piece Of Time.
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Mr. Small’s Theatre – Millvale, PA

Mr. Small’s Theatre was packed on Tuesday night, as Pittsburgh hosted the first Todd show in several years. With possibly the most surprising setlist of the tour, this unforgettable evening began with That Was Me, New York Banker and and big thank you for coming out to the show.

Following Prison Walls in the first set, the second set featured rarely played America’s Favorite Pastime, My Generation Part 2, and This Land Is Our Land. Todd switched to electric for Guaranteed during the encore, as the night closed with Just Like Old Times and Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance.
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SPACE – Evanston, IL

Along with a Sunday night vibe, night number two at SPACE featured a completely different setlist, some rarely played songs and several cover tunes. The first set opened with If Tomorrow Never Comes and closed with Keep Off The Grass, Bruised Orange and Good Fortune.

Todd returned to the stage with Age Like Wine, a cover request, Ballad Of The Kingsmen and the Mushroom Football Story. Horseshoe Lake, To Beat The Devil, and Can’t Complain led into an Elvis story and quick guest appearance.
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