We would like to thank everyone for their support and all their kind words on the website.
As a thank you for helping us make this site a success, we would like to announce our new TSL Rewards program.

Our rewards will be somewhat different from other frequent buyer or rewards programs, as TSL Rewards are PROGRESSIVE. The more shows you buy, the more shows you get free.

-With your 5th purchase you receive 2 free shows.
Yes you get 7 shows for the price of 5.

-With your 10th purchase you receive 4 additional free shows.

Yes you get 16 shows for the price of 10.

-With your 15th purchase you receive 5 additional free shows.

Yes you get 26 shows for the price of 15.

-With your 20th purchase you receive even more cool stuff and a meet and greet with Elvis! (and Todd)

Already purchase a few shows or a download card in person? Not to worry, TSL Rewards are also retroactive for one year after the original purchase date. Which also means your purchase count is progressive for one year and until the anniversary of your first purchase.

To Redeem Your TSL Rewards:

-Send us an email with your purchase transaction numbers, or invoice numbers, or just a list of the shows you purchased on TSL. However, if you would like to use a Download Card purchase from a show, we do need to verify the Download Card’s access code.

-After providing us with a list of your purchases, please indicate to us which 2 or 4 or 5 shows you would like to download for free! We will then provide you with uinque access codes to download the shows of your choosing.

-Please send all TSL Rewards emails to
with subject heading “Rewards”

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