About Todd Snider Live

It’s Back!

Now a Streaming Based Subscription platform, this new site is an opportunity for everyone to have easy access to their favorite Todd Snider concert. Become a monthly, or yearly subscriber and be able to stream Every show in the highest quality Mp3!

Individual shows are still available for purchase as a Zip file over in our Downloads area.

Currently we have approximately 15-20 new shows going up each week. Were you at a show and want to add details or find something cool, please leave a comment below the setlist!

Thank you for your continued support.

-Aimless Inc.

Be Cool!

We continue to support the downloading, free trading and sharing of all Todd Snider audience recordings. However, the trading or sharing of Official Todd Snider Live releases is illegal and will endanger our ability to offer these shows at all. We’ve set the prices significantly cheaper than most artists offering the same product; please help us grow this site and keep it going by purchasing the downloads.

Safe and Secure

At Todd Snider Live, your privacy and financial security is of utmost importance. Therefore, we have enlisted the most trusted leaders in e-commerce payment options, Authorize.net and Paypal. When purchasing products from TSL, you have the option of using any credit card, and all information entered is protected with Authorize.net’s SSL security certificate. We have also included Paypal as an alternative payment option, where you can make purchases from TSL via funds from your Paypal account or with a credit card.

Still Taper Friendly.

We can’t thank the taping community enough for coming out, recording, trading and sharing live shows for many years. We continue to to support and encourage anyone who wants to record the show and share audience recordings (soundboard feeds will no longer be available).

Contact Us

Technical difficulties? Billing issues? Help with your taxes? Please feel free to contact us.


Todd on stage

-Photo by Stacie Huckeba