March 14, 2021
East Nashville, Tn
The Purple Building
“The Get Together” Episode 8

Set list:

01. Trail of Seasons (Drivin' N Cryin')
02. Opening Statement
03. (Opening Statements)
04. Roman Candles
05. The Ghost of Johnny Cash
06. Too Soon to Tell
07. (Todd Talks)
08. I Can’t Complain
09. (Todd Talks Drivin N Cryin)
10. Honeysuckle Blue (Drivin' N Cryin')
11. Let’s Go Dancing (Drivin' N Cryin')
12. (Todd Talks New Record)
13. Sail On My Friend
14. Sideshow Blues
15. (Todd Talks New Record pt 2)
16. Handsome John * (John Prine)
17. Will the Circle be Unbroken *

18. East Nashville Skyline
19. Hey Pretty Boy

*Todd on Piano

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