January, 31 2021
East Nashville, Tn
The Purple Building
“The Get Together” Episode 5

Set list:

01. I Cant Complain
02. (Opening Statements)
03. In the Beginning
04. A Timeless Response to Current Events
05. Is This Thing Working
06. (Todds Updates)
07. Devil You Know
08. Too Soon to Tell
09. Roman Candles
10. Massacre
11. (Richard Lewis and Aaron Lee Tasjan)
12. Mission Accomplished
13. Stuck on the Corner
14. Ascending into Madness
15. Sail On
16. Greencastle Blues *
17. (Todd Talks Dancing)
18. Handsome John * [John Prine]

19. Big Finish
20. Before They Make Me Run [Rolling Stones]
21. Like a Force of Nature


*Todd on Piano

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