February 28, 2014
Knoxville, TN
The Bijou
Ft. Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires

Set list:

With Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires

01. If Tomorrow Never Comes*
02. D.B. Cooper*
03. [Thank You Amanda and Jason]
04. Conservative Christian...
05. Play A Train Song
06. Sideshow Blues
07. Alright Guy
08. [The Full Jerry Jeff Walker Story]
09. Mr. Bojangles
10. Can't Complain
11. Just Like Old Times
12. Sunshine
13. Happy New Year
14. Statistician's Blues
15. Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
16. Easy Money
17. [The Nervous Wrecks]
18. Horseshoe Lake
19. Beer Run
20. [Mugged]
21. Greencastle Blues
22. Too Soon To Tell
23. Stuck On The Corner
24. Good News Blues
25. Tension
26. East Nashville Skyline
27. Doublewide Blues
28. We Were Kinda Crazy Then
29. L.A. Freeway
30. Come From The Heart
31. Play A Train Song %
32. The Very Last Time
33. Georgia On A Fast Train

With Jason Isbell on electric guitar and Amanda Shires on fiddle.
% Jason on vocals
* Todd on banjo

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