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Sunday May 31, 2020 East Nashville, TN – “What It Is” Episode 10  (Virtual show from The Purple Building)  – Setlist:   

Positive Vibration, Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern, Money, Compliments, Publicity, Brenda, The Very Last Time, Burn Out Shoes, Roman Candles, [The Blind Lemon Pledge], Throwing The Goats, [Hondo Crouch], Like A Force Of Nature, [Jason and Amanda], Just Like Overnight, In Between Jobs, Doll Face, Dividing The Estate, Rose City, Visions Of Johanna, Gettin’ By, That Same Old Song , Bad Bad Leroy Brown, I Can’t Complain, Play A Train Song, East Nashville Skyline, Check It Out, The Troublemaker , Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Positive Vibration (reprise), Relax Your Mind  (Virtual show from The Purple Building)

Watch it here: 

Tune into “What It Is” Live with Todd over at: next Sunday June 7 @ 11:00 AM

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