September 13, 2020
East Nashville, Tn
The Purple Building
“What it Is” Episode 25

Set list:

01. Rocket Fuel
02. [Opening Statements]
03. Better Than Ever Blues Pt 2
04. Just Like Overnight
05. Very Short Time * [Keith Sykes]
06. Rose City Blues *
07. Looking for a Job #
08. [Todds Banjo]
09. Cape Henry #
10. [Skip Litz]
11. Play a Train Song
12. Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash]
13. If You Had a Heart to Break [Chris Robinson Brotherhood]
14. [Todd Talks]
15. The Last Laugh
16. Sail On
17. [Neal Casal]
18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [Rolling Stones]

19. Devils Backbone Tavern
20. Born to Run [Bruce Springsteen]

*Todd on the Piano

*Todd on the Banjo

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