Todds FREE Show of the Week
December 9, 2017
West Hollywood, CA
The Roxy Theatre

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Enjoy this hand picked Todd show from 2017 at the Roxy in Hollywood. This set was preceded by legendary comic and friend of Todds, Richard Lewis!

Set list:

-Following a set by Richard Lewis

01. Can’t Complain
02. Conservative Christian…
03. [18 Minutes Intro]
04. Ballad Of The Kingsmen
05. Statistician’s Blues
06. [Drive-thru Story]
07. Stuck On The Corner
08. Doublewide Blues
09. Beer Run
10. Iron Mike’s Main Man’s Last Request
11. Carla
12. [15 minutes Story]
13. Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern
14. Alright Guy >
15. [Hill Country Goodbye Story]
16. Tension
17. [The Banana Story]
18. Good Fortune
19. Corpus Christi Bay
20. Play A Train Song

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