Todd’s FREE Show of the Week : October 25, 2014 – Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theatre

Listen for free!


Click below to stream this special show from The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC.  This is the unique show Todd mentioned during last week’s episode 7 of “What It Is.”  When asked why he was only playing one chord, Todd said his left hand had turned into a tree branch! Let’s see if you can find that tune.



Set list:

01. Is This Thing Working – Workin Mans Blues
02. [Probable Cause]
03. Greencastle Blues
04. Too Soon to Tell
05. Play a Train Song
06. [Skip Litz Story]
07. Good News Blues – The Last Laugh – You Got to Take Sick and Die
08. Devils Backbone Tavern

Set 2:
09. Good Fortune
10. Doublewide Blues
11. Stuck on the Corner
12. Easy Money
13. Beer Run – Age Like Wine
14. Alright Guy
15. Stoney
16. Talkin Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
17. Enjoy Yourself.wav
18. Better Than Ever Blues Pt. 2
19. Conservative Christian
20. Free Bird
21. Stomp and Holler
22. Mr. Bojangles

23. Statisticians Blues
24. This Land is Your Land

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