August 16, 2020
East Nashville, Tn
The Purple Building
“What it Is” Episode 21

Set list:

01. Oregon
02. [First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder]
03. My Generation Pt 2
04. Easy Money
05. [Songs From the Daily Planet]
06. That Was Me
07. This Land is Our Land
08. [Todd Talks Black Metal]
09. Alright Guy
10. Spoke as a Child *
11. Turn it Up
12. Trouble
13. A Lot More
14. You Think You Knew Somebody
15. Somebodys Coming
16. Joes Blues
17. Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
18. Gypsy in My Soul

Set 2:
19. Honky Tonk Heroes Like Me [Billy Joe Shaver]
20. Old Five and Dimers Like Me [Billy Joe Shaver]
21. [Happy 81st Birthday Billy Joe Shaver]
22. Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me [Billy Joe Shaver]
23. Low Down Freedom[Billy Joe Shaver]
24. Omaha [Billy Joe Shaver]
25. [Honky Tonk Heroes Like Me album]
26. You Ask Me To [Billy Joe Shaver]
27. Ride Me Down Easy [Billy Joe Shaver]
28. Aint No God in Mexico [Billy Joe Shaver]
29. Black Rose [Billy Joe Shaver]
30. Old Chunk of Coal [Billy Joe Shaver]

* Todd on the Piano

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