November 05, 2022
Grand Rapids, MI
The Intersection

Set List:

01. Happy To Be Here
02. Like A Force Of Nature
03. Cant Complain
04. Doll Face
05. Roman Candles
06. Brenda
07. (Kent Finlay Story) - Plastic Girl
08. Illegal Smile
09. Beer Run
10. Alright Guy
11. (Moondawgs Tavern) - Doublewide Blues.wav
12. Conservative Christian
13. (Will Kimbrough Story)- Horseshoe Lake - DB Cooper
14. Play A Train Song
15. Carla
16. Slim Chance
17. You Think You Know Somebody
18. (Lil Wayne Story)
19. All My Life
20. Big Finish

21.(The Shithouse Choir)- Ballad Of The Devils Backbone Tavern
22. (John Prine Story)- Bruised Orange
23. (Guy Clarks Basement Story)- Come From The Heart

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