November 09, 2022
Raleigh, NC
Lincoln Theater

Set List:

01. Big Finish
02. D.B. Cooper
03.If Tomorrow Never Comes
04. Ballad Of The Devils Backbone Tavern
05. Greencastle Blues
06. (Jack Ingram Story)
07. Cant Complain
08. Broke
09. Corpus Christi Bay
10. Horseshoe Lake
11. Iron Mikes Man Mans Last Request
12. I Spoke As A Child
13. Talkin Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
14. Thin Wild Mercury
15. Happy New Year
16. Alright Guy
17. (Moondawg's Tavern) - Doublewide Blues
18. Play A Train Song
19. Enjoy Yourself

20. The Last Laugh
21. East Nashville Skyline
22. The Get Together - Is This Thing Working

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