October 21, 1994
Memphis, TN
The Daily Planet
Ft. The Bootleggers

Set list:

01. Turn It Up
02. My Generation, Part 2
03. Trouble
04. Hey Texas
05. [smoking at the airport]
06. Alright Guy
07. Reasons the World Goes Around *
08. [introductions]
09. Joe's Blues
10. Good News Blues
11. Giving Up is the Only Way to Win *
12. [cab driver story]
13. School Day [Chuck Berry]
14. Keep Off the Grass
15. [Trog story] > Ballad of the Devil's Backbone T
16. I Spoke as a Child
17. Politically Correct
18. Alot More
19. Heavy Metal Has Been
20. This Land is Our Land
21. She Just Left Me Lounge
22. My Generation, Part 2
23. Easy Money
24. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way [Waylon Jenn
25. Somebody's Coming

Todd Snider and the Bootleggers show with Peter Herka (fiddle), Joe McLeary (drums), Wayne Perkins (guitar), and Joe Mariencheck (bass).

Todd dedicates this show to his father before he plays his final gig at The Daily Planet. Early in the show, Todd mentions that the venue will be closing its doors on Saturday night.

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