August 02, 2020
East Nashville, TN
The Purple Building
“What It Is” Episode 19

Set list:

01. [Opening Statement]
02. Better Than Ever Blues Pt 2
03. In Between Jobs
04. [Alan Greenspan is Misunderstood]
05. Too Soon to Tell
06. The Ghost of Johnny Cash
07. [Ramblin Jack Elliot]
08. Stuck on the Corner
09. [Bob Weir]
10. Greencastle Blues
11. Horseshoe Lake
12. Happy New Year
13. Conservative Christian
14. [East Nashville Skyline and Bob Weir]
15. Alright Guy
16. Devils Backbone Tavern
17. Play a Train Song
18. Working on a Song
19. Big Finish

20. Franklins Tower [Grateful Dead]

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